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Still on hold

We haven’t changed our status to active yet and we’re not sure when we will.  We didn’t recover as much money as we thought we would and frankly we’re still feeling emotionally wrought from this summer.  I’m sure if we got another call, we’d find a way to be ready, but we’re just not quite ready to go full force again.  Part of me wishes they would just call, but the odds of that happening are rather slim since the last time we spoke to them we told them we’d let them know when we were 100% ready.  I guess I’m just wishing we had more of a sign of what we’re supposed to be doing right now.

In the meantime I read an interesting book recently called, Healing Syndrome O, by Dr. Ronald Fienberg.  It’s about PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome and insulin resistance) which is what I have.  It was not an easy read as he has quite a different opinion on treatment than most reproductive endocrinologists.  It’s still unclear as to how much of it is genetic, but what it seems to be is that while it starts out as a genetic issue, it can become exacerbated by poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.  Both of which I’m extremely guilty of.  So reading the book made me take a closer look at myself and my behaviors.  If was I 14 now and just now experiencing the initial symptoms (as I did when I was 14) then I think I would have gotten helpful information that might have stopped everything from progressing.  But that didn’t happen so with the predisposition that the syndrome causes and a less than stellar healthy lifestyle things snowballed to where I am now.  So yeah, it was uncomfortable to read and know that most of this is of my own doing, at the same time it’s the first time I’ve had hope that I won’t always struggle with all of this.  So that’s my goal.  To get rid of all of this mess, get off the blood pressure meds, get my body back in shape and get my hormones all regulated.  That would be sooooo nice!


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