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You know that saying, “No news is good news.”?  I think that actually is true in a lot of scenarios.  When it comes to adoption and waiting, I think no news is quite simply no news.  So we’re still just waiting.  And living life while doing so.  In the meantime I’m sick.  I’ve got a raging sinus infection and here it is only 10 days before I leave for my conference.  I’m going to wait a few days longer before going to the doctor though on the off chance I can get rid of this without antibiotics.  I doubt that will happen, but we shall see.


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Making a list

So my best friend said something today about how cool it would be if we just got a call and had to rush right off to fly/drive to another state.  It got me thinking about the fact that I should probably put together some sort of To-Buy list on the off chance that we do get one of those spur of the moment matches.  This is probably way premature, but hey, it’s nice to keep busy and keep positive.  Right now I have three different brands of newborn diapers and two containers of wipes that are ready to be tossed into a bag. We have a few pieces of clothing, but not really the kind we would need.  So let’s see…

  • onesies
  • socks
  • blanket
  • burp cloths
  • bottles (I’ve read Dr. Brown bottles are really great)
  • formula (will probably wait to see what the hospital is doing with this)
  • formula divider thing (I’ve heard these are indispensable)
  • pack and play (the kind with the bassinet basket on top)
  • diaper bag
  • car seat
  • Boppy pillow (I more than likely won’t be able to breastfeed, but I still think these are great pillows for holding a newborn)
  • sling
  • wipe warmer
  • pacifiers

I think that’s probably about it, unless I missing something huge…

For home we still need the mattress that goes in the crib, but since the baby won’t be in the nursery for a few months, then we’re not in a hurry on that one.  I also still have the bedding on layaway.   We also need a changing pad for the changing table.  We’re leaving most of this for when get a match or at least until it gets to be a little more clear that we’re close.  For the time being we’re just holding strong and waiting for our baby to find us.

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While we wait

So we’re still waiting to activate, but in the meantime we’re sending in an application packet to another agency. They don’t require any fees and while it’s more a long shot to be matched with this organization since their main focus is caring for pregnant women, it certainly could happen. And it’s such a worthwhile organization that we just wanted to be invovled. Someday we hope to be invovled more in a volunteer capacity, but while we’re pursuing adoption it’s too much of a conflict of interest. So for the time being, the packet is going in the mail today and we might find the right match.

I think this will feel like productive waiting for me and help take the edge off while we’re building our adoption fund.

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Homestudy approved!

Now we just need a baby and the rest of the financing…

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Feeling discouraged

Sorry to be gone so long, we’ve been out of town.  Today has just been total crap.  I’m so frustrated that adoption is as expensive as it is.  And I’m frustrated that because of that expense, we’re still waiting.  So excuse me while I have a total pity party, but damn I’m tired of waiting.  I know there are others out there who’ve waited a lot longer than we have, but it’s been almost a year since we decided to adopt and we’re still not active with our agency.  We’ve had one door after another slammed in our face and while we’ve had some good things too, it just seems like we’re never going to get there.  And to top it off, it just seems that we have to wait for everything while we watch those around us get just what they need when they need it.  See, I told you, total pity party.  I had to wait until I was 30 to get married – that was a lot of painful waiting.  Years of being alone and lonely and terrified that I’d never find the right man.  And then I did and man was I glad that I waited.  So I know the day we bring our child home all of this will have been worth it.  I’m just so sick of waiting, waiting, waiting.  Just once I’d like to not have to, you know?

Okay, okay…I’ll go have some cheese with my whine and I’m sure tomorrow I’ll feel less grave.

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