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An expectant heart

Yesterday in church right after the service, we were still standing in the pews and this woman – probably my age – comes up to me with this little girl in her arms. And she’s like, “Um, hi, I realize we don’t know each other, but for some reason my daughter wanted to meet you.” The little girl’s name was Ava and she had just turned 3 a couple of weeks ago and she was totally beautiful. She was pretty shy, but she listened to me talk and nodded and would answer really softly. Her mom said she like made a beeline to me when they were walking back after communion, but she pulled her back since it was the middle of the service.  You really have to wonder what it is that children see in you to make them trust you.

I had a similar experience a few weeks ago at a friend’s house and one of the women had brought her daughter and granddaughter and I was standing next to the daughter who was holding her baby (also named Ava, coincidentally enough) who is about 6 months old.  Anyways, Ava reached out for me so I held her for a while.  I’d never met her before nor her mother, and ordinarily a baby wouldn’t reach for another when her mother is holding her.  She just touched my heart.

On the way home from church, I told DH that I felt excited and expectant, was the only way I could describe it. Like I knew something good was about to happen, but I didn’t know what it was.  I still feel it today.  I think it has something to do with our child, wherever they are. I hope, and pray, that this excitement welling in me is a foretelling of good things to come. I hope our child is on their way to our arms.


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Look at what your local Build-a-Bear is doing for the children.

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Homestudy visit #1

Yesterday we met with our social worker and it was just great.  She was really wonderful at relieving any fears we had about the process.  She also helped explain the process and gave advice on certain adoption situations.  We have a ton of paperwork to do, but she’s going to file for our fingerprints how while we’re working on the rest.  Right now DH is finishing up the semester so he’s in the midst of finals and will be grading soon and then he’ll be busy with the graduation ceremonies.  So we won’t have the big meeting at our house until the 2nd week in May and we’ll get to the paperwork sometime before that.  But I figure filling out this questionnaire will help prepare us for the one for our agency.  There are some really interesting questions involved, that no doubt will cause some lively conversations at our house.  In any case it feels great to be started with our homestudy.  We’re one step closer to holding our little one.

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Let the homestudy begin

Well, I’ve contacted the social worker and she’s supposed to be sending me all the necessary paperwork (via email) and then we have our first meeting this coming Saturday.  It’s not at our house, she said that would be the second meeting, so I really have no idea what to expect.  I’m not feeling nervous yet, just excited to be getting started.  I’m sure the nerves will hit, but I anticipate them being more like excited nerves rather than scared nerves, we’ll see.  Anyone out there have any tips to pass along?

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So my mom and sister were here this past weekend and we had such a great time. We found an amazing deal on some furniture (half price!) and got everything rearranged and set up and it looks so great. So without further ado….

Obviously we need to buy a mattress. And I put the bedding on layaway. The Go Fish one from here.

Now I was bound and determined not to get a changing table like this one because I thought I had to have one with drawers so that it could grow with the child. But this one was such a great deal and it matched the crib so perfectly I couldn’t resist.


I’m sure there are many who think we’re nuts for setting up so early, but I knew it would make me crazy to wait and run the risk of having to do everything in a rush.  And we just couldn’t bypass this great deal.  I also contacted the social worker so that we can finally get our homestudy started.

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What if?

Over the weekend we heard of a situation – an expectant mom and father wanting to terminate rights directly after birth.  They don’t want to go through an agency, but would prefer a private adoption.  So we said we were interested knowing that it may or may not turn into anything.  Oh and they are due at the end of May.  A day later we heard that the expectant father was having second thoughts, but the mother was still set on adoption.  Everything is still up in the air for them, and I would imagine they haven’t had any counseling of any sort.  It’s an awkward situation because our contact is three people removed from the expectant family, but you never know.  It probably will not come out in our favor, but we’re still hopeful.  For the weekend it was nice to think of what if we had our child in 2 months…

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More nursery ideas

So I’ve still been thinking about the nursery because next weekend my mom and sister are coming into town and we’re going to rearrange the guest room so that it’s more of a nursery – make room for the crib and changing table and rocking chair.  And we’ve talked about actually buying the crib then, though that’s not for certain.  In any case I found another one that I like a lot that is priced really well, but I can’t seem to find it advertized in any actual stores.  And ordering it and paying $80+ on shipping just seems insane – might as well spend the extra $80 and buy a more expensive crib here in town.  Not sure what we’ll do, but here’s a picture of the one that I like.  It’s Storkcraft (Riley) which I’ve seen both good and bad reviews on.


And then I finally found a fish one that looks more gender neutral to me and I’m so loving this – it really looks baby to me.  I think DH still likes the jungle one best, but I think I can win him over.


Can you tell I’m eager to put this room together?

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